Focal Chora 806, diffusori da scaffale, 2 vie, bass reflex, midwoofer 16,5cm Slatefiber, tweeter concavo TNF Al/Mg 25mm, 120 W.




Specifiche Tecniche

Tipo 2 vie bass reflex,  altoparlante da scaffale
Driver 61/2" (16,5 cm) Polyglass midbass
TNF Al/Mg tweeter a cupola invertita da 1" (25 mm)
Risposta in frequenza (+/- 3dB) 58Hz - 28kHz
Sensibilità 89dB
Impedenza nominale 8 Ohm
Amplificatore consigliato, potenza 25 - 120W
Frequenza di crossover 3000Hz
Dimensioni 21x27x43,1 cm
Peso netto 7,35kg cad



The Chora 806 loudspeaker showcases meticulous manufacturing and design. Let yourself be transported by the delightful, dynamic musical quality emitted by its 61/2” (16.5cm) bass/midrange speaker driver, equipped with the exclusive Focal Slatefiber cone. Alongside the TNF Aluminium/Magnesium tweeter with its silky treble, the “slate” colour of the speaker driver makes it an attractive yet high-performance solution.

Perfectly balanced, this bookshelf speaker is ideal for rooms of up to 215ft² (20m²).


The TNF Aluminium/Magnesium tweeter


The surround linking the dome to its stand uses a memory foam material called Poron. This surround is directly derived from the Utopia’s famous Beryllium tweeter and reduces distortion by a third between 2,000Hz and 3,000Hz, the ear’s high-sensitivity range. The spatialisation and very low directionality of the inverted dome allow silky trebles to be heard from any point in your listening room.


The Slatefiber cone


Slatefiber technology, exclusive to Focal, involves the use of recycled, non-woven carbon fibres applied as a sandwich between two layers of thermoplastic polymer. In their quest for perfection, Focal engineers have opted to use non-woven carbon fibres, all pointing in the same direction to achieve even greater rigidity and better damping.
Manufactured in the Focal workshops using an ultra-modern industrial tool, the “slate” effect of the cone provides better damping and rigidity, but also lightness – the three “essentials” of a good speaker driver. 



The Chora range offers a modern design, the slate colour of the Slatefiber cone adding a final refined, authentic touch.
The stand (optional) is tilted for Time Alignment which provides an optimal soundstage, more focused on the listener.


Focal Chora 806

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